My name is Sophia.

I live at Tinkers Bubble farm in Somerset, a small woodland community which uses environmentally sound methods of working the land without fossil fuels. I live with my partner and 13 other landworkers (9 adults, 4 children).

We aim to be as self sufficient as possible: we grow our own food, we have a wood fed steam engine sawmill where we process our own timber extracted by our horses, which we use to build our houses and other structures. We have solar panels and a wind turbine for power and a spring for water. We have orchards full of apples which we make into juice and sell locally and of course cider! We have more than enough woodland for firewood and enough pasture for our horses and cows and haymaking.

We are part of the Wwoof network which enables volunteers to find organic farms to stay on where they work in exchange for food and board.

Until October 2015 the blog was wonderfully written by Kat, check out her other writing on foodforafuture.wordpress.com

Kat and her daughter Anys

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I note you had an open day recently, that we would have loved to attend however we live in Australia!

    My family & I will be visiting Yeovil at the end of December and would love to visit you at Tinkers bubble. Of course, we’ll bring cake!

    If you’re happy to share a little time with us, that would be lovely. Is this at all possible?

    Best wishes


  2. What a wonderful blog. Thank you! I’ve been coming to Tinkers Bubble since it was started by friends Simon Fairlie, Mike Zair and others in 1994, but haven’t been able to come for years. My daughter is now doing a school project on energy, so I immediately thought of the inspirational Tinkers Bubble and your fossil fuel-free existence, and found this fantastic blog with your stunning photos. Thank you so much. I will bring the kids to visit soon, and please pass my love to Mike, Pete and the others, Becca Lush xxx

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  3. Hi Kat 🙂

    It’s awesome that you are all self-sufficient and that you use renewable energy. You are doing wonderful things for this country and for the planet! This is exactly the way of life I shall begin after saving money to buy a bit of land after university.

    I am a second year environmental geography student at the University of York and I have been passionate about ecological sustainability for several years.

    As part of my final year dissertation project I would love to visit your community to explore the effectiveness of your solar energy use. My visit would involve noting the exposure to sunlight and the cost efficiency of your solar panels and performing a questionnaire on the solar energy users.

    I want to spread the word about feasible and fulfilling sustainable living ❤

    May I visit Tinkers Bubble in September (after the 4th) to carry out this study and to experience a few days of your admirable way of life?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Yours sincerely,


    1. Wow we would love to come to your next open day …. please could you let us know when you plan the next one ?? Thanks xxx


  4. Hi I recently spoke to someone on facebook about joining your community and how to email you about joining. I’m 22 years old from Norfolk, and I’d like very much to take part and live along side this amazing community. I’ve read that the people are lovely and friendly and easy to get along side with. In regards to joining how do I go about this.

    Thank you and peace and love

    From Jay Philp

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    1. Ich möchte gerne mit meinen zwei Katzen und einen Hund bei euch leben. Ich weiß aber nicht ob das einfach so geht. Kenne mich mit Tierhaltung und Schlachtung aus. Im Gemüseanbau kenne ich mich auch gut aus. Da ich Selbstversorgerin und Minimalistin bin, brauche ich nicht viel. LG Anni


  5. Hello Tinker’s Bubble!
    The mythical Tinker’s Bubble I heard first about in the mid 90s while at a Green Gathering…and have yet to make it to you. However, I’m returning to live in the UK at the beginning of August and would love to visit. I am looking for a land-based eco community to call home, and thought that volunteering would be the best way to find my place. I’ve Wooofed in a few different countries as well as the UK, and have experience with training horses with natural horsemanship techniques. I’ve done a little driving and cart work. I would love to find a community where I could use and grow these skills. I am also a massage therapist, if any of you ever get achey?! Haha… well of course you do. And it’s been said that I make some of the finest raw dark chocolate around 🙂 Anyway, I reckon I have some skills to add the the mix and am a life long learner, looking forward to finding a spot where I can keep growing and contributing to the health and happiness of the land and the people I’m with.

    When is your open day this year? Would you be up for a volunteer around mid August?
    Cheers for now, Chanah

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  6. Hi all, I was wondering any you needing any help with firewood processing for a day or two? I’d very much just like to come and do just that.


  7. Hello,

    My name is Jesse, and my partner’s name is Kaylah, we are both from Melbourne Australia and have taken interest into visiting your Eco-Village mid next year throughout our travels in Europe. We have a huge journey ahead of us which is still a work in progress. We take part in living our lives as economically as possible at home and have sustained ourselves with a plant based diet during our meals every week. This has brought us to the decision to travel in a different way, and explore new sustainability methods to expand our knowledge and living. We were wondering if your village accommodates to travellers who are seeking short term stay, and what the costs and requirements will be if we are accepted.
    Our goals are to find peace and sustainability within our travels next year that can benefit others and ourselves, while giving back to the earth.
    If it’s possible for us to be apart of learning from your village, we would love the opportunity to stay.

    Kind Regards

    Jesse & Kaylah.


  8. Hi

    My name is Matthew and I’m wondering if me and my friend Hayden could come and volunteer at Tinkers Bubble, it would be great if we could get some information on what volunteering entails and so you could give us some more information on what we would need to bring ourselves




  9. Hi there,

    Me and my other half are really interested in seeing what it’s like to live and work at Tinker’s Bubble – is there a way that we can contact you to find out when the next open day is?


  10. hello! i’m a french student, and some friends and I are preparing a project about your community. our class is working on the idea of progress and eco-sustainable communities, so that we can have a panel of alternative life-styles. would you mind giving us an email address, or even a phone number for us to contact you? thank you very much,
    axelle g


  11. Hello,
    I would be very interested in joining your community. I have always wanted to live more self sustainably and more in accordance with nature.
    how would I go about joining your community?

    thank you


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